We believe that by supporting
entrepreneurs we effect
permanent change and have
a positive impact on the world.

Do you have a growing business and are you considering expansion? Do you want to sell your business or change your investment structure? We will be delighted to support you! We are a consultancy firm. We help start-ups and scale-ups to grow at scale. We cover the entire journey from strategy development to supporting you in implementing it. We provide both mentoring and outsourcing services. We are involved on an exclusive basis throughout the entire process. Your company will only ever be supported by experienced specialists.

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Scaling up
We support your from developing your strategy to financial analysis, from building development financial models to execution plans; we support the creation of agile operating systems, structures and guidelines focused on scalability and performance. We help make your business plan viable and scalable.
We cover the entire process, from tips on how to choose the right business model, through market research and final pitch-deck to the financial model and list of investors. We coach founders for their conversations with investors – we provide communication training (including your Elevator Pitch) and manage external communication.

We get your company ready to fundraise and for sale

  • We help you prepare and organise a development strategy, including by assessing the potential and the market, we define the business's or project’s unique selling points and address risks.
  • We use financial engineering to reflect the owners’ goals and the situation of the company.
  • We prepare business plans, financial forecasts (with valuations), documents for investors (investment memoranda, teasers).
  • We plan communications with investors and the market. We get owners ready for investment in their companies.

We get your company ready to fundraise and for sale.

  • We sell the company (stocks, shares in the company, shareholder buyout, asset groups).
  • We acquire strategic, industry or equity investors (private equity and venture capital); we help obtain alternative finance.
  • We support clients in business negotiations and coordinate talks with investors (within our legal and tax group).

We actively support the development of companies during investment and upon investor entry.

  • We provide support in investor communication; we manage the flow of information.
  • We identify the required competencies and ensure that gaps are filled as and when required.
  • We assist in obtaining capital support during the entire lifecycle of our relationship with our customer. We often get involved in the ownership structures of the company.
  • We deal with business development and acquisitions in order to scale outside of Poland.
  • We provide legal, tax and business services (including negotiations) in cross-border relations.


In reaching investors, we effectively support companies that share certain traits.
  • A dedicated team, capable of translating its vision into action.
  • More than one founder involved in the business.
  • Awareness of the challenges faced.
  • After MVP, i.e. after the first (positive) commercialisation experience
  • Scalability (Go Global)
  • No single-market restrictions (sensitivity to changes in regulations, etc.)
  • Automation, robotics (Industry 4.0)
  • Innovation in logistics
  • SaaS, e-commerce support, marketplace
  • Renewable energy sources (RES)
  • Positive environmental impact (human-nature)
  • We focus on solutions friendly to people, nature and the environment.
  • A positive balance sheet and responsibility for the implemented solutions are values important to us.

We are a partner for Polish and foreign family offices, funds and private investors interested in investing capital in Central and Eastern Europe, and in particular in Poland. We operate within fixed frameworks, projects or on an ad-hoc basis. We support them in their decision-making.

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We provide assistance throughout the duration of the investment, from preparing it for launch, through implementation, monitoring and maintenance, to its exit.
With over 20 years of experience in international relations, we help improve the quality of intercultural negotiations.

We support private investors, family offices, VCs in:

  • investment in CEE
  • negotiations and business mediations
  • building cross-border structures
  • We also provide legal and tax advisory services in international projects

We select and coordinate investment projects in CEE

  • We source hard-to-find (often superior) investment projects
  • We select investment proposals tailored to the profiles of investors and their specific goals
  • We assess investments by carrying out business and financial due diligence
  • We plan, structure, consistently monitor and represent the interests of investors and help them exit their investment

We actively oversee our clients’ assets

  • We oversee investments on behalf of investors, if necessary, to reduce risk – we lay out the principles of reporting (we conduct performance reviews, KPIs)
  • We provide ongoing business, legal and tax advice
  • We supervise the liquidity of investments, by being on supervisory boards, management boards or acting as interim CFOs/CEOs/BDMs
  • We also support the planning and implementation of exit strategies
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